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Black Mountain,
North Carolina
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One Studio

Sweetwood Studio

This is a story of how Sweetwood Studio came to be.Sweetwood

It begins with our journey and discovery of Black Mountain and the finding of our home, Sweetwood, in 2006. We didn't want to love it...but we did; the potential for unleashing creativity and innovation cloaked by surrounding forests and a panaramic view of mountains holding up the sky. A home studio? Initially farthest from our thoughts but ultimately it unfolded amid the incremental movements through time: each learning from one another and bringing separate writing talents into joined ideas of glass art and music.

A Shared Philosophy

Growing is the speed of slow; matters addressed with caring involvement bring forth lessons well learned when applied in a conscious and loving way.

Our Studio on the Hill


Imagery Glass Art

Artist David Reilly uses his skills and imagination in order to create wearable, hanging, and standing glass art, each piece shaped with the flame of a torch and one tool. Since all annealing is flamed, the scale of work is smaller than of hot glass work so with this approach, it allows for a good amount of detail in every piece.

Our wearables will compliment any fashion you like so custom orders are always welcome. Most colors are available in all designs so many customers will choose their colors and commission us to create their desired theme. With a minimum order, some designs can also be sold at wholesale prices.


Hobos and Lace: David and Judy, a singer/songwriter duo, performing original songs and some covers of Americana/folk flavor.

Train Whistle Tattoo: Original songs of David's combining folk rhythms and jazz approaches with the bass, guitar, harp, percussion, and various other instruments.


Judy's passion for writing and coaching. Whether through poetry, songwriting, content or technical writing, words are at the heart of all endeavors.

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