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Writing/Editing and Academic/Organizational Coaching

Black Mountain,
North Carolina
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Writing & Editing

My writing and editing career began at a small manufacturing company in Ohio where I produced technical standard operating procedures and quality control documents. While completing degrees in technology at Kent State University, I wrote training modules and I taught an engineering drawing lab where my attention to detail was further honed.

Publications written within departments of Faculty Development, Academic Affairs, Student Life, and Academic Support include newsletters, brochures, flyers, and handouts. Booklets, manuals, and handbooks for both print and website presence include the Faculty Academic Advising Manual, Student Handbook, New Student and Parent Orientation booklet, A Wilson Tutor's Handbook, the Academic Support Crew Manual and Academic Support Crew Handbook.

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Academic & Organizational Coaching

Empowering individuals to engage in their learning process so they can become self-empowered learners.

A Holistic Approach

While improving academic performance requires skills in time management, organization, planning, setting goals, and establishing better study strategies, often there are prohibitive factors that make it difficult to manage academics with work and personal life simultaneously. By offering a space where barriers to success are identified, the learning process can be more deeply understood and individuals can be empowered to make the necessary changes for improved academic and daily performance. Individuals are provided with life-long tools, strategies, and information that supports their discovery of what it means to be academically and personally successful.

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