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Writing/Editing and Academic Coaching

Black Mountain,
North Carolina
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Writing & Editing

A Quick Summary of Qualifications

I am an experienced writer and editor with software documentation skills utilizing tools in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite and numerous online form and web editors most interested in remote or freelance projects. I am a self-motivated and quick learner, expert organizer and planner, and process-oriented multi-tasker with over twenty years of experience problem-solving, writing and editing print and online manuals and publications.

Software Applications
MS Office Suite Adobe Suite Google Platforms
Wordpress & Various Web Editors Formstack Course Mgmt Systems

To access my resume, please visit my LinkedIn page, https://www.linkedin.com/in/judithehuber.

If you have a remote or freelance project, please contact me to discuss the nature and needs of the proposed project.

Portfolio Samples of Past Projects

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Handbooks and Manuals

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Brochures and Other Publications